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Spanish Tourism Ministry (Turespaña) launches new web tourist info portal, Spain.Info

Spain.info, Spain´s official tourism website, is a leader in digital tourist promotion with over 15 million visits a year.

Our tourist information portal Spain.info has been revamped. Now, it is a dynamic website with a visual impact. It has undergone an overhaul to inspirational and engaging content and is keeping with the new digital trends and norms.

The new version of Spain.info has been adapted to the needs of international travellers. It

takes into account various market research elements like study of kind of users, surveys on why they visit a particular destination and what type of information they are looking for, study from market and outlook reports, takes into consideration tourism sector web analysis to know the latest trends in terms of design and multimedia elements, carries out analysis of the principal official international tourism portals, studies the key metrics to learn more about user browsing habits on the portal.

The objectives of the new portal are:

  • Recovery of the tourism sector: To attract international tourists by presenting Spain as a safe and sustainable destination
  • Increase in tourism revenue: Content adapted to international tourists, who have a higher spending capacity and set the trend
  • Spain´s tourism brand: Improved brand image placing value on the main tourist attractions
  • Empathy and identification with Spain as a travel destination: Modern visual identity with an elegant, clean and appealing design that identifies with Spain´s assets
  • Geographic diversity: Proposals for travel inland and in the north of Spain to diversify tourist arrivals
  • Motivational diversification: Content suggestions that offer alternative products to sun and beach tourism, shopping, culture, nature.

New website features highlights:

  • New visual identity and image which is more modern, and with an increased impact
  • Inspirational, visual and practical content
  • Websites by language, with all content fully translated
  • Implementation of the mobile first philosophy
  • Features that help tourists to plan and organize their trips
  • Integration of social media to enable sharing content
  • Optimization of content and technological development to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Improves the user experience during browsing and interacting.

New tools:

  • My trip, design your trip according to your tastes and preferences to discover travel ideas
  • Interactive map, all of Spain´s tourist information localised on a browsable map, where to go, what to see
  • Download brochures, an extensive catalogue of digital guides for users to consult on culture, nature, gastronomy, urban tourism, etc. To choose the
  • Spanish experiences that best suit you
  • Advanced mapping, more than 250 maps to locate tourist attractions, design itineraries and generate practical information
  • Book experiences, almost 2,000 tourist activities with booking option, classified by theme and location
  • Interaction with users, social media integration with the possibility to share content throughout the browsing session