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Insight Vacations is bringing travel back by launching Small Private Group offerings

Insight Vacations announces its brand new launch of small, private group journeys for 12+ guests that are typically part of its Autumn, Winter, Spring (AWS) itineraries to Europe, the Eastern Mediterranean and North America. Guests can now create their own travel bubble on their selected AWS journey with the new Private Group Option for an added benefit to their premium journey and select from 38 specific itineraries included in the 2020/2021 AWS collection of journeys*. 

The new offering was developed as the brand innovates in the industry, keeping guests’ well-being and comfort in mind while truly understanding the current traveller’s needs around re-connecting with their families and friends in a post-COVID-19 world. The new Small Private Group Option will be available in destinations that are expected to make a strong comeback in countries like Switzerland, Morocco, Israel and Jordan. Further, guests can change their travel plans up to 30 days before the departure of their journey as part of Insight’s flexibility promise. 

“We’re seeing travel starting to make a comeback and in 2021, we anticipate the rise of multi-generational travel as more people seek to reconnect with their loved ones and extended family members and friends,” said Anthony Lim, Managing Director for Insight Vacations and Luxury Gold. “To help our guests travel in the most comfortable way possible, we wanted to introduce the Private Group Option for smaller and more intimate group travel. We’ll also be able to tailor-make trips for clients who would like enhanced personalization and specific experiences where we take care of all the details,” added Lim. 

For Insight’s Small Private Group journeys from 12 guests onwards, there is a modest surcharge on the original price of the trip based on the group size: from 12-15 guests, a +30 per cent surcharge will apply; from 16-19 guests there will be a +20 per cent surcharge; from 20-25 guests a +10 per cent surcharge will apply but from 26 guests onward, there will be no surcharge.  

In addition to the added value for guests with the Small Private Group option, Insight will continue prioritizing its guests’ well-being and peace of mind in a post-COVID-19 world. The award-winning brand has put numerous new measures in place to elevate its hygiene standards and protocols to adapt to the new world. Furthermore, The Travel Corporation’s specific Peace of Mind promise indicates the comfort guests are offered by knowing that the company, under which Insight Vacations operates, is financially secure and highly solvent. To ensure guests can take their dearest friends and family on a private journey with utmost reassurance, clients will have team members available throughout the experience to guarantee well-being protocols are being met. This will include a passionate Travel Director as well as the experienced driver of Insight’s motorcoach where guests will be physically distanced with ample personal space and comfort thanks to Insight Vacations’ uniquely customized motorcoaches.  

Insight’s Private Group Option is available on 2020 – 2021 AWS journeys starting from December 2020 and includes incredible Insight Experiences that will remind guests about the power of travel and complete sensory experiences such as: 

Jordan Experience (7 days)  

Delve into the rich history and culture of this open-air museum which offers desert landscapes and natural wonders alongside grandiose buildings, temples and tombs carved out of the land’s red sandstone. In Amman, guests will visit the spectacular Citadel which is one of the world’s oldest continuously inhabited places, the grand Roman Amphitheatre and the Archaeological Museum. At Mount Nebo, take in the astounding view of Moses’ Promised Land and in Petra explore the ancient and hidden ‘rose-red’ city. This trip will introduce travellers to the Iraq Al-Amir Women’s Cooperative which is managed and run by local women and support female economic empowerment.  This cooperative is a ‘People’ project supported by the TreadRight Foundation.  

Magical Switzerland (7 days)

Embark on a magical journey through snow-laden Alpine peaks and take a ride aboard the famous Glacier Express. The majestic beauty, snowy peaks and crystal clear waters of Switzerland’s lakes await. This trip takes offers scenic views while travelling through the Walensee and Grison regions,  through the Rhône Valley and along Lake Geneva.

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