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FAITH requests MoCA to intervene and ease out air travel

In a recent letter to MoCA, the Federation of Associations in Indian Tourism & Hospitality, (FAITH) which is the National Federation of the ten National Tourism, Travel and Hospitality organisations of India has suggested to the Minister of Civil Aviation, Hardeep Singh Puri to ease out travel movement in the larger interest of the nation.

Subhash Goyal, Honorary Secretary, FAITH, in the letter, expressed his gratitude and sincerely thanked the Minister on behalf of the entire tourism industry, for having started flights to the US and Europe.

However, he also mentioned that it was very important now to reconnect with the rest of the world for tourism, trade and commerce, mainly the neighbouring countries of Asia, Middle East and Africa as soon as possible, not only to save Indian tourism but also to save the Indian economy
Right now, all passengers coming to India are subject to quarantine for seven days in the hotel and seven days at home. The purpose is to ensure that it takes fourteen days for symptoms of COVID-19 to be visible. But, to ensure the same result without putting tourists and international travels to inconvenience, FAITH has suggested:

  1. For all passengers arriving in India and those who do not want to be quarantined, they have to take a COVID test in their respective countries fifteen days before their departure to India. However, on arrival, every passenger should be tested and only those who are found positive should be quarantined and the rest of the passengers should be allowed to go to their respective hotels or homes maintaining strict health and safety protocols.
  2. All airports in India should follow the same procedure for both domestic and international passengers.
  3. The cost of COVID test on arrival should be included in all the tickets purchased by the passengers.

According to FAITH, this is a simple and viable solution which can save the international arrivals from a lot of hassles and inconvenience otherwise, even if international flights start, no tourists or business traveller will visit India to be quarantined.

Also, for ease of doing business, it is important to facilitate the ease of travel, after all, even our Hon’ble Prime Minister believes in ease of doing business for everyone in the country