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Akshar Travels: An aid in need is humanity indeed

Gujarat based Akshar Travels, recently provided honorary services and supported Gujarat State Government as a responsibility to stand with the nation in the pandemic. During the migrant evacuation crisis, they did something outstanding by helping and reaching out to about two lakh forty thousand migrant workers from Gujarat and guided them to safely travel back home by trains to their respective states. Manish Sharma, Founder Chairman & Managing Director has truly shown the way to be fully committed to work in good times as well as in bad times.

Prashant Nayak

Akshar Travels started in 1997 with a mission to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction in the tourism industry. Their good track record for over 21 years validates their success in this mission and towards becoming a well-known name in the Tour Operations vertical. Their core vision is to focus on the growth of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry of India. They aim to build India as a global brand image which will eventually result in the country’s economic growth. They strive to do this by initiating creativity and innovations in various tourism and hospitality projects and products. Also, the organisation is serving the country’s social responsibility by supporting the mandate for the sustainability of tourism and its environment.

During the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, doctors, government administrators, NGOs and many other players are fulfilling their responsibility towards fighting the virus, Manish felt that it was their solemn responsibility to support the government and the migrant workers in these unprecedented times. It was purely not for any business but it was an opportunity to be a part of honorary service and stand support to the government and the people. 

Manish says, “This honorary and responsible project work is self-satisfaction for me and my team to be behind the curtain for our nation, our people, and our respected government. I am always proud of my team and their dedication at work”

It was a strenuous task and during the lockdown it was even more. However, to help the migrant workers get back to their families was important for Manish and his team. They thus approached the government and told them that they would like to undertake this Herculean task on an honorary basis. 

Immediately, the next day, with acceptance of their proposal, an exclusive call centre for migrant workers was set up and they started their work with manpower of 40 personnel each in day and night shifts. Toll-free numbers, Whatsapp options and user-friendly online system in Hindi language for migrants to understand easily was established for registration. A detailed state and district wise report to understand the database of migrant workers was being carried out daily. This data was to help all the concerned teams to plan further. State-wise plan for the arrangement of trains with DRM railways was also monitored. 

Manish adds, “We heartily salute to our Government of Gujarat and its administrative wings for their outstanding work and support.” 

 “We sent out forms to the migrant workers via Whatsapp to gather their information and details. The paperwork was completed over the phone and the completed forms were further sent to the respective governments of the migrants for verification. Trains were arranged. 2-day supply of food, water, and other essentials were provided to these migrants. Ultimately, they reached home safe,” tells Manish.

The whole process took about seventeen days. The appreciation goes to all those involved in the successful evacuation efforts from administrations to governments but more to the management and dedication of the Akshar Travel team.

So at a time when our industry is thinking of survival and cutting costs, Akshar Travels went the extra mile to prove that value for humanity is more important than ever now. When tourism came to a halt, Manish was firm in not letting down his team. In- fact, he did not lay off his employees or cut their salaries. He had built a strong team over the years and his team stood for courage, kindness, and excellence. When COVID-19 struck in India, Manish did not worry about losing the big money they are so used to making every year in their domestic and outbound business. 

“The company can make money anytime afterward. Now, the situation is altogether different. The country is in trouble and we should personally rise to the occasion to help people. That’s what I believe in, and that’s what my team believes in,” expressed Manish.