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Air Canada Brings Global ‘Fly the Flag’ Initiative Celebrating Equality, Inclusivity and Diversity to India

Air Canada, Canada’s largest domestic and international airline, has been strengthening connections between India and Canada since 2015 with three new direct routes introduced in less than two years. To celebrate people making a mark in India, Air Canada is bringing its global ‘Fly the Flag’ initiative to Mumbai. In this latest iteration, ‘Fly the Flag’ highlights how people all over the world are making an impact in local communities, while displaying the values of diversity, equality, and inclusivity.

Air Canada has partnered with award-winning content creators Beautiful Destinations to revive the Hooper’s Ground basketball court and showcase Mumbai’s beauty, diversity, and vibrant culture. The initiative was conceived to create an enduring positive space in the community for people to come together that would leave an artistic legacy that is visible from the sky. Renowned Indian artist Sajid Wahid—through ST+ART India Foundation—used colour and design inspirations from Canada and India, including moose and elephant motifs reminiscent of the two nations, to create the unique colourful court.

Air Canada’s community basketball game introduced a diverse group of aspiring young players to the newly restored space that will be theirs to enjoy, and, featured notable figures from Indian and Canadian culture and sports who are playing a vital role in bringing the ‘Fly the Flag’ initiative to life in Mumbai. Present were popular Indian basketball players the Singh Sisters, Sajid Wahid and Indo-Canadian musician Raghav Mathur. Also in attendance were ST+ART India Foundation, NORBLACK NORWHITE which is founded by two Indo-Canadians and, The Dribble Academy, who have all lent significant support to this initiative.

Speaking at the event, Arun Pandeya, General Manager, Air Canada – India & South Asia said, “At Air Canada, we believe that by doing good and by participating fully in the communities we serve, our airline truly thrives. We’re committed to giving back through a range of initiatives each year that help advance diversity, equality and inclusivity around the world. Air Canada is grateful for the opportunity to add value in meaningful ways to the neighborhoods and communities in this wonderful nation. We thank our partners for making today’s event such a success, and the youth for taking part in the inaugural game on the new court.”

“We are optimistic that not only local youth and basketball enthusiasts but those from across Mumbai will visit here and benefit from the revitalization of the Hooper’s Ground. Today’s event is a reflection of our commitment to the Indian market and we hope to further strengthen connections between India and Canada.”