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Tourism Authority of Thailand launches #TakeTheThaiventureReload

Tourism Authority of Thailand, India announced its new social media campaign targeted towards social media aficionados. The ‘TakeTheThaiventureReload’ campaign will not only engage the participants to share their idea of idiosyncratic holiday but also help TAT to position Thailand as destination for millennials.

#TakeTheThaiventureReload campaign will be active till March 2021 and the two lucky participants with the most quirky and quick response will win a hosted trip to Thailand. Here are the contest rules

  • Level I – Register and follow TAT’s social media pages
  • Level II – leave a comment describing your idea of a holiday in Thailand
  • Level III -Scavenger Hunt, wherein the participants are directed to the website in search of the QR codes hidden within the blogs that would redirect them to a question about Thailand

Tourism Authority of Thailand hopes to keep the travellers engaged so that the destination stays top of mind when travel resumes.

So, hurry get on to your social media accounts to show-off your quirky side and win a chance to travel to Thailand – The land of smiles


Facebook : @tourismauthorityofthailandindia