Home Agents/Operators/Trade People StreetGooser to launch its flagship B2C OTA GYPZE.com on Feb 14, 2021

StreetGooser to launch its flagship B2C OTA GYPZE.com on Feb 14, 2021

L-R: John Varghese, Hema Manghnani

GYPZE.com, a one-of-kind online travel companion and guide, to be launched on February 14, 2021. GYPZE.com is essentially a booking platform dedicated to experiential stays and will open up for globetrotters a world of choice and options in terms of under-the-radar luxury boutique homestays, villas and resorts that they can book with ease and with just a click of the mouse. No longer will the travellers have to wade into a sea of websites and online platforms that offer a mixed and confusing bag of travel options and hotel stays.

A flagship venture of StreetGooser, B2C OTA GYPZE.com is the answer to the fervent prayers of travellers looking for unique, authentic and local experiences in off-the-grid retreats. “All you have to do is to choose from a select and vetted array of homestays, villas and resorts across the globe and your holiday will be spiked with adventure and enriching experiences,” says John Varghese, CEO and Founder whose vision spawned GYPZE.com. “Our bouquet of offerings include quality, secure and safe accommodation in off-trail often secret locations, known only to the discerning traveller,” he says. “An added advantage is that GYPZE.com can be accessed on your mobile, too,” adds John Varghese.

With this online platform, one gets to discover charming luxury getaways in culturally-rich diverse destinations where immersive experiences are a given. To start with, GYPZE.com vets each property to see if it meets the company’s stringent quality standards and in turn provides a laser-sharp focus on each member’s exceptional features on its platform. Thus, choosing a villa, resort or homestay for a vacation becomes a breeze.

Boutique properties offering experiential stays face unique challenges – lack of online exposure, absence of a platform that focuses on experiential stays and one which highlights the amazing assets of each property. Without the marketing muscle of chain hotels, off-beat hideaways have to pay higher commissions to booking engines and travel agents yet have very little customer support. GYPZE.com, on the other hand, provides 24/7 customer support and charges zero commission.

“Ours is an online platform that aligns with an accommodation provider’s target market,” says Hema Manghnani, Vice President, Product Development. “It gives the property owner the freedom to manage the resort/homestay/villa’s profile and maximise exposure and earn more.”

The process of coming on board is simple as the GYPZE.com team evaluates a property, then an agreement is signed and the accommodation provider must furnish details of its retreat which then goes live. So with GYPZE.com travellers can head out into a world that’s unknown, which is waiting to be discovered yet safe and secure.