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Sheintourism: bringing the change together

In the current business environment, women have made significant inroads into the areas of entrepreneurship and leadership. In the tourism industry, there’s been a surge of women taking professional and leadership roles to steer the development and growth of the industry. Yet, despite the advancement, one can witness women still lagging behind men in income, career opportunities, and business ownership.

Prashant Nayak

Sheintourism was founded on the premise that it is critical to have women as powerful agents of change at all levels in the tourism industry to enhance the socio-economic trajectory of women. They hold a strong conviction and belief that diversity and greater representation of women in entrepreneurship and leadership positions in the tourism industry have far-reaching benefits on societies, communities and the quality of lives of women. Through the collaboration of partnerships and ideas, the Sheintourism platform paves the pathways for women in tourism to flourish and realise their potentials.

Conceptualised by four innovative game-changers in their own right, Anna Alaman, Nisha Abu Bakar, Zinal Doshi, and Rashmi Chadha, Sheintourism is driven by a common purpose and passion for the empowerment of women in the tourism industry. Though individually they have their own setups and start-ups, collectively, they bring diversity in their tourism experiences, expertise and cultural orientations to realise their vision to connect, inspire and develop women in the travel and tourism industry. Through the collective power of the women tribe, they strive to steer sustainability, innovation and meaningful changes in the tourism industry. 

Sheintourism believes in the unimaginable power and contribution of women in tourism and with this vision, their mission is to create a platform in the tourism industry for women entrepreneurs, companies, academic institutions and influencers and empowering through their initiatives and contributions, and thus giving women the necessary tools to flourish their business and sharpen their leadership skills. 

The offerings andprograms are designed to empower women in tourism through professional networking, the development of skills and knowledge and business mentoring. Here is how women in tourism can benefit:

She Learns

Through Sheintourism’s specially crafted and designed workshops and development programs, they develop, grow and transform the potentials of women professionals to be high-performing individuals professionally and personally.

She Connects

Sheintourism brings like-minded women professionals in the tourism industry to establish mutually beneficial relationships, grow business as well as build their social capital.

She Grows

Sheintourism provides expertise to help women make strategic decisions, be a sounding board for complex business matters, extend the diverse and fresh lens to look at their businesses, and expand their business networks.

She Informs

Sheintourism provides intelligence research and insights into consumer and market trends in the tourism industry. They assist organisations to use these insights and data to make informed decisions, design innovative and differentiating strategies and translate the intelligence to best practices and successful actions.

She Ideates

Sheintourism assists tourism organisations to develop strategic visions, formulate sustainable development plans and execute through innovative actions. Their focus is on the development of tourism that is inclusive and transformative, through the involvement of local community participation and the mutual sharing of benefits among stakeholders. 

She Influences

Sheintourism supports tourism organisations to have a sound understanding of their target audience and tailor a customised influencer program. Through unique campaigns, they commit to developing brand awareness and brand visibility for tourism organisations. 

So, it is time for industry women to join this force as all the four founders at Sheintourism believe that when women come together, incredible things happen. They invite women to turn conversations into actions and to recognise their full potential and humanity. And it is like they all say at Sheintourism, “Let your transformative journey begin with us.”