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Russian Expo Days exhibition to give details of Russian e-visa for Indian tourists

From January 1, 2021, citizens of 52 countries, including India, will be able to visit Russia on an electronic visa. The website of the online exhibition ‘Russian Expo Days’ has opened some new sections with all information about the Russian e-visa for Indian tourists. The new section on the website of the online exhibition Russian Expo Days will answer most of the questions about this new product like:

How can an Indian tourist enter Russia with an e-visa?
Through which regions and cities of Russia can this be done?
Where can you fill an e-visa application and how much does it cost?
What privileges do children under 6 have in this matter?
How long is a visa valid and how long can its holder stay in Russia?
Which regions of Russia can you travel to with an e-visa?
Why does Russia need e-visas?

So, find out the basic details of e-visa today and join the discussion with Russia’s headliners in a few days as on December 7, there will be a live broadcast, where a representative of the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation (Ministry in charge of tourism development in Russia) will give more details and advantages with different points of view on this new venture. Thus, you will be on the same page with experts and ask them questions personally!

Russian Expo Days is an online exhibition of travel opportunities in Russia for travel professionals from India, which will be held on December 7-11, 2020. Participation is absolutely free. As part of the training, participants will get a Russia Specialist Certificate signed by Russian tourism boards based on the results of training and prizes from Russia!