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JNTO introduces ‘Fun From Home’, Facebook Live webcasts

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Although international travel restrictions continue to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, Japan remains a popular destination in many countries for after-corona visits. During such an unprecedented time when international leisure travel has come become almost negligible, Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) is conducting a series of Facebook Live events in an attempt to give the grounded travel enthusiasts a virtual travel experience.

In order to maintain this desire to visit Japan, JNTO introduces ‘Fun From Home’, an online video webcast and using this concept, targets a total of more than 3 million SNS followers from 6 overseas offices and thus allowing them to feel ‘Japan Now’ in the comfort of their home. The live videos that have been made in collaboration with other inbound entities all over Japan.

Through the comfort of their home, armchair travellers can now get an opportunity to hike the much famous Mount Fuji or even experience a much-recommended tea ceremony. Adventure seekers can look out for the serene coastal line of Okinawa and shutterbugs can soothe their eyes through the panoramic views of the autumn festival.

Through these webcasts, JNTO will be virtually transporting viewers to different prefectures of Japan on different dates. The schedule is featured below for a remarkable virtual experience.

24th Oct. (Sat)Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka Tea Experience
8th Nov. (Sun)Okinawa Prefecture, Shima-uta Live (Sanshin, etc.)
14th Nov. (Sat)Fuji Kyuko Co., Ltd., Fuji Kawaguchiko Sightseeing Boat
                     & Autumn Leaves Festival

For more details, Email JNTO Delhi office: info_del@jnto.go.jp for India schedules. People can log on to the Facebook page of JNTO to attend this event