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Win exciting prizes with Tripjack IPL Fantasy League

Tripjack has announced an exciting competition for the travel trade based on the IPL matches. All agents can sign up and win prizes every day with free hotel stays, air tickets, gifts and loyalty points redeemable on future bookings. Hasan Patel, Director, Tripjack shares more on the initiative.

Prashant Nayak

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Q1. What was the idea behind this activity? Why choose IPL to conduct this activity?

Over the last few months, the entire country has experienced a big lull period. All business and entertainment activities were slow. Cricket and especially the IPL is a massive event in India, and after all these months we are really looking forward to it. We wanted to share this experience amongst our travel partners and that’s when the idea came up. We think with business activity resuming in the last 2 months, the travel fraternity requires a mood uplifter and hence we organised the Tripjack Travel Agent IPL Fantasy League. It is a unique and new concept, and everyone is very excited about it.

Q2. What are some of the prizes that participants will stand to win? Please emphasise the frequency of prize announcements.

There are about 60 matches in the IPL, and we will have contests daily. Before every match travel partners can log in to the fantasy app or website through tripjack.com and set up a team of the best 11 players. All contests are free to play, and the top winners from every match can win hotel stays, air tickets, gifts, and loyalty points. Tripjack.com has great deals for hotels and flights, so the loyalty points will be available in the agency account after the IPL is over, and can be used for additional discounts against future trip bookings.

Q3. When will the prizes be announced? Is there one grand prize to be won at the end?

There is an opportunity to win prizes for every match. Along with that, we will have a weekly and season-long leaderboard. The winners of the leaderboards will be eligible to win bonus rewards and mega prizes. And absolutely, the top lucky winners with the highest points earned throughout the IPL will win surprise MEGA prizes!

Q4. How do agents participate in this?

The fantasy concept is great fun because it is free to play with prizes every day, the travel partners are very excited. After signing up the user will receive 1500 Bonus Game Cash (which can be used to play the games). To participate, first, you need to sign up for Tripjack, and then before every IPL match, you need to select your best 11 players from both teams. You cannot join the contest once the match starts. As the game progresses every run, wicket, boundary, etc earns your team and player certain points. The participants with the highest points will be the winners.

Q5. When can they start singing up and where? Till when will this competition be open to participation?

Signups are open now! Create a tripjack.com within 2 minutes, and then click on Join Fantasy. There are additional rewards for signing up early. The competition will be open till the end of the IPL season.

Q6. Anything else you would like to add?

It is a great activity for all travel agents across India to add some extra fun to this IPL season. Even for those who don’t follow cricket so much, because there is an opportunity to win daily prizes it is definitely worth a try! We as a team at Tripjack are really looking forward to this IPL season and contest.