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RateGain to help airlines maximise revenue in the post-COVID world with AirGain’s new unlimited experience

RateGain Technologies, a leading SaaS company for travel and hospitality today, announced an upgrade to AirGain, the dedicated SaaS-based airline competitor intelligence solution to help airlines in the post-COVID world get real-time accurate data and make faster decisions.

The ongoing pandemic has made it difficult for the airline revenue managers to use historical data for creating the right pricing strategy making their job difficult in an extremely volatile market. AirGain’s new upgrade will provide them with a single screen to save time, scalable visualisations to easily track your market position and personalisation to help revenue managers get real-time insights faster with minimum effort.

The core focus of the new experience is on improving time to market by investing and building new capabilities that will allow airlines to deep-dive with a single click. Revenue managers can now easily track price changes for a specific competitor’s flight across all channels for up to 365 days or track fare changes for a single departure date across a particular booking window monitoring data from 200+ airlines across 700+ websites.

The new experience continues to build on AirGain’s promise to deliver on-demand reports, any time of the day, any number of times without any additional fees. As market conditions change drastically, revenue managers have the freedom now to get on-demand reports and use the new analytics experience to instantly get insights from the report to correct their strategy.

Commenting on the launch, Narendar Lokwani, Senior Vice President and Product Head, AirGain commented, “One of our core values is to be customer-obsessed and with the ongoing pandemic, we had our task cut out to deliver a new experience to revenue managers that helps them do their job with ease, certainty and agility to build a robust pricing strategy by monitoring every price point across all channels.”