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Pranav Sinha elevated to Head of South Asia at VFS Global

VFS Global has announced changes in its South Asia operations leadership team with the appointment of Pranav Sinha as Head – South Asia, VFS Global. In this role, Pranav will now be responsible for overall business operations in South Asia with an emphasis on ensuring the highest customer service standards as well as managing client relationships. He reports to Vinay Malhotra, Regional Group COO, and will be based in New Delhi, India.

Prior to this, Pranav oversaw the company’s operations in West and South India, Maldives and Sri Lanka since 2016. Having been with the organisation for 17 years, Pranav has experience across various roles and geographies in operations and business development. He has also been involved in several strategic organisation-wide projects during his tenure.

Sharad Gowani will move on to take over Pranav’s former role and report to him as Regional Head for West & South India, Maldives and Sri Lanka. He has been part of Projects as Deputy Head. Sharad, with an overall experience of 21 years, has been with VFS Global for the last 9 years, having managed the company’s operations in Africa and South Asia in the past, besides overseeing the rollout of various projects globally.

Sharad will be responsible for business operations within these regions while ensuring customer service excellence, and managing client relationships.