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Jumpin heights resumes its bungy jumping operations in Goa

For people across the country, the summer of 2020 has been like no other in recent memory. Among many other restrictions, the pandemic led to cancelled or limited events, vacations, large celebrations, festivals, concerts and outdoor activities. Now that government has steadily uplifted many restrictions, there is plenty of room to make up for lost time, albeit with a new normal.

In fact, seeking out travel seems even more necessary now, after being locked down for most part of the year. When the world is desperately attempting to head back to some sense of normalcy, Jumpin Heights, India’s first Extreme Adventure zone, has good news for all the travel enthusiasts and adventurers. The company is re-starting its Bungy Jumping operations in Goa from the October1.  After submitting a 4 page safety protocol including all preventive measures to be followed on the jump zone against covid-19, Jumpin Heights has received official permission to resume operations.

Being pioneers of commercial extreme adventure in India, Jumpin Heights is best known for offering global standards of the adrenaline-pumping experience of Bungy Jumping. The brand follows the Australian and New Zealand standards for safety regulations, and after a decade of operating over 80,000 jumps in Rishikesh, are known to have redefined safety in India. As there is a need to pro-actively and aggressively mitigate the pandemics impact on Hospitality, Tours and Travel industry and bring it back on track while ensuring the safety and hygiene, Jumpin Heights aims to resume COVID free operations at Goa.

As this time when COVID-19 has a far reaching and uncontrollable spread, safety remains a concern. To ensure this, the company will follow certain SOP such as – installation of anti COVID preventive equipment in the premises, such as masks, sanitisers, mask disposal mechanisms, mandatory temperature and oximeter checks of crew, staff and jumpers upon entry, discontinuation of handmade food items in the cafe, sticker markings for social distancing , only 2 chairs per table with a transparent acrylic sheet between the 2 occupants, make sure that preventive measures are observed by staff members and a strict set of daily operations & maintenance including regular sanitisation of all equipment, work stations and additional points of contact. All consignments coming into the premises will be sanitised before stocking. As such, there will be a special emphasis on COVID hygiene and sanitation.

Additionally, COVID-19 DOs & DONTs will be disseminated to the guests in the briefing room; oxygen level of staff and guests will be monitored at reception; regular sanitisation of card machines, documents, POS machines and office equipments will be followed and also, there will be provision of manually operated digital thermal gun for temperature monitoring.

Speaking on the occasion of resuming the operations, Rahul Nigam, Director, Jumpin Heights, said, “Jumpin heights has always stood for the highest safety standards and now, as we come through a pandemic, will be no different. While we reopen our operations, it will remain our responsibility to ensure the safety of our crew and jumpers. We understand the safety concern as well as the urgent need for a break, the need to get out, explore and travel in equal measure and will ensure to meet both of these with equal sincerity.”