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Encompasss Experiences partners with Telportus to open the borders to a new age of travel

Indian travel curator Encompass Experiences LLP has tied up with Telportus to launch a service that allows users of all ages to virtually travel to other countries via live, curated tours. Global travellers barred from traveling to their favorite hotspots, can use this app to teleport beyond borders to exciting destinations with local guides giving them the true sights and sounds, and answers to their questions in real-time.

“We are building a platform for a new era of travel,” said Abhay Mahajan, CEO – Telportus. “Whether it’s this virus, an age or illness-related limitation, or a blizzard out your window, we’re allowing anyone to check their bucket list, take an adventure and live life connecting to the rest of the world on Telportus.”

Unlike other current ‘virtual travel’ opportunities, Telportus enables travelers to ask real-time questions to local guides. Telportus allows ‘travelers’ to book alone or coordinate with family and friends for a tour/class.

“We have a great opportunity to showcase India and Asia to the rest of the world and reach out to audiences globally in diverse geographical areas,” said Taruna Seth, Navigator in Chief & Co-founder at Encompass Experiences. “Our industry has been hit hard and with the added expertise of Telportus we are able to offer our curated experiences and extend a virtual hug to travellers by allowing them to re-ignite their adventurous spirit,” said Bhawna Rao, Curator in Chief & Co-founder at Encompass.

Telportus, now in beta, currently allows for tours costing $15-$45 depending on the length and location of the tour/class. This platform is a great way to, for instance, to welcome guests to India over breakfast and send Indians to Florence for a supper cooking class without ever having to pack a bag or renew your passport