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Global Tourism Council announces its maiden convention at Cairo, Egypt at Hotel Hilton Ramses from April 29 – May 2, 2018

The theme of convention, ‘Innovate & Invest’ is carefully chosen to deliberate on new challenges in tourism industry, Investment sector and film archives (Bollywood).

With new challenges emerging every day in the industry there is a need to innovate and create new ideas and opportunities. One needs to undertake new challenges, tap untouched areas, and bring newer elements to the existing arena to attract the ever growing market of new generation travelers for greater returns. The industry needs to invest in digital marketing to reach out and connect better with our customers which largely comprises of young, upbeat tech friendly travellers.

Global Tourism Council was founded on December 9, 2016 and is recognised by Government of India charitable trust that represents the Global Trade & Tourism Industry. It is driven by the best of professionals from India and across the world as knowledge partners and committed to the advancement of the global trade & tourism industry and Investment sectors.

G T C is predominantly engaging in the following verticals:

1. Facilitate dialogue between the Trade & Tourism players & government
2. Investment consultation with respect to Mergers and Acquisitions
3. White papers on tourism, syndicated research, knowledge banks, special reports.
4. Promotion of destinations, trade and commerce.
5. Offering branding, marketing, communication and consultation to stake holders in various segments

Main Aims
To recognize, encourage and celebrate the skills, ability, creativity, service and success of the Indian Travel, Tourism, Hospitality, Aviation, NGO, Bollywood, Investors to Tourism related industries and more…