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A getaway where well-being radiates from inside out – Ayurvedic sojourn at The Tamara Coorg

The ancient science of life, ‘Ayurveda’, which is proudly considered as the wealth of India, is the secret of positive health and fitness. It’s is a legacy that has been passed through centuries.

The award winning luxury resort – The Tamara Coorg, known for its picturesque and tranquil surrounding takes rejuvenation a notch higher with the introduction of its Ayurvedic sojourn package. The property launches the Ayurveda indulgence programme at “The Elevation Spa” in conjunction with the monsoon season when Ayurvedic treatments are the most effective in strengthening the body and mind while curing illnesses and fatigue.

Designed for guests seeking solace, this programme is a combination of treatments and fitness sessions, including yoga and meditation that retains traditional Ayurveda regimens while adopting a contemporary balance to ensure its relevance to modern day lifestyle. Each package is tailored to suit the guest’s requirement based on a consultation with a team of well trained and experienced doctors and therapists.

According to Dr. Abhilash Haridas, Corporate Spa Manager of The Tamara, “Many guests visit The Tamara Coorg to get away from the fast paced & taxing daily life in order to relax. Our offerings and programmes are designed keeping in mind the overall wellbeing of our guests and to provide them a complete sense of relaxation. Monsoon is considered a favourable season to indulge in Ayurvedic therapies as the atmosphere is dust-free, humid and cool. Moreover the body is also receptive to herbal oils and therapies as the pores are open to its maximum extent.

These factors accelerate the healing powers and restore the body’s vitality, health and balance. We want our guests to unwind and absorb the goodness of these regimens and rejuvenate themselves to the fullest”.

Guests can choose from any of the three packages below, to liberate themselves from day-to-day humdrum –

Arogya Rakshanam (Ayurveda rejuvenation programme): (3nights/ 4 days): A therapy mentioned in Ayurveda classics which is aimed at revitalizing the body, mind and the soul. It helps in strengthening the whole system, toning the skin and inducing a state of well- being.

Ayur Shanthi (Ayurveda distress programme) (4nights/ 5 days): Modern day stress exposes the body and mind to a lot of tension. The Ayurveda stress management programme combines yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic therapy in a package to help attain a relaxed state of mind.

Ayur Vishudhi (Ayurveda detoxifying programme) (5nights/ 6 days): Poor lifestyle and dietary choices cause the vital systems of our bodies to become energetically imbalanced. Through a series of therapeutic procedures and Ayurvedic diet advisories that are tailored to the client’s individual constitution, it systematically helps to release, melt, loosen, mobilize and eliminate toxins and impurities.