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Moments at Mountains of Angels- Mt. Titlis

A Mecca for the Indian travellers, Mt. Titlis is one of the most preferred and visited mountains in Switzerland. The recently conducted FAM trip by the Titlis cableways, hotels and restaurants for the Indian travel agents and media provided a first hand experience of the destination Engelberg and Mt. Titlis. Here’s a look…

Rachita Sehgal
The breath taking vista of flurry capped mountains and the exquisite Alpine site append moderate bout of glamour and glitz, making the reverie’s ingenious voyage smooth and content. Engelberg was the former most in all of Switzerland to identify the potential of the Indian business and since then has advanced into Switzerland’s Mecca for the Indian group business. All the hotels in Engelberg provide Indian meals or have contracts with the Indian food providers for the same. The Terrace Hotel in Engelberg with over 160 rooms has the total capacity offered only in the Indian market. It offers free Indian masala chai every day. Six Indian chefs prepare Indian breakfast and a sumptuous Indian dinner. The disco of the hotel has a Bollywood evening 4 times a week and almost all the occupants of the hotel shake a leg there. Besides that, other hotels also have Indianized their offers a little bit, especially on the food aspect. The Titlis Resort, a collection of 65 apartments, had over 200 Indian staying there at one time. This goes to show that even the individual Indian traveler sees the benefit of staying in Engelberg, to feel a fresh air of the alpine village.

The Zentralbahn Luzern–Engelberg Express takes you from Lucerne to Engelberg in only 43 minutes. And from there the Titlis-Rotair aerial cable car elevates up to 3238 metres above sea level, to the ceaseless snow and ice of the Titlis range, and many more added views. Located in the heart of Central Switzerland the high valley of Engelberg in Central Switzerland boasts an action-packed summer and winter programme while also offering every opportunity for relaxation.

A paradise for leisure travellers and adventure junkies, the place offers an array of activities while in Engelberg or Mt. Titlis.

Engelberg Monastery: The Benedictine Monastery, built in 1120, forms the center of Engelberg. To date there are still approximately 30 monks living and working in the Engelberg monastery. The Engelberg monastery offers a guided tour from Wednesday to Saturday.

SnowXperience at Truebsee: You can’t miss upon this if at Mt. Titlis. The expert guides at Truebsee take you through all the fun filled adventures activities like Snow biking, Skii and a walk through the ice igloo. At lake Truebsee you can have it all, drinks at the sun deck of the hotel, play in the snow at the snow toy park, sleep in a real igloo or push your adrenaline in the first and only snowXpark in Europe.

Titlis Rotair: The ‘rotair’ gives you a 360 degree view of the range , the TITLIS rotair gondola rotates its way up towards the snow-covered summit of TITLIS. The world’s first revolving gondola transports you from the middle station at Stand up to the mountain station at 3,020 metres above sea-level. The gondola revolves 360 degrees during the five-minute trip, treating you to idyllic panoramic views of steep rock faces, deep crevasses and distant snow-covered mountain peaks.

Cliff Walk: 3,041 metres above sea-level. 500 metres off the ground. 150 heart-pounding steps. This is what awaits you on the TITLIS Cliff Walk, the spectacular suspension bridge high up on the summit. The TITLIS Cliff Walk holds the record for being the highest suspension bridge in Europe. Entry to the Cliff Walk is free of charge.
Glacier Walk: The glacier walk through a snow covered tunnel leaves you spell bound the minute you step inside. This glacier cave forms the frosty heart of TITLIS. The ice here was frozen long before prehistoric man discovered how to make fire using pyrite. The cave can be easily accessed via a corridor from the TITLIS rotair Cableways mountain station. Entry to the glacier cave is free of charge.

Ice Flyer: The Ice Flyer chair lift sweeps you smoothly and safely over crisp, snow fields and icy depths. Some of the crevasses are up to ten metres deep. In the summer months, the Ice Flyer will carry you and your snow-loving friends from the mountain station to the Snow Park Up On The Glacier. And in winter, the chair lift will take you all the way up to the fantastic ski slopes on the summit.

Subsequent to an adventurous day at Titlis one can enjoy a candle light fondue meal at one of the highest restaurants at Mt. Titlis. You can get the tables reserved well in advance from the ticket desk. Engelberg has slowly and steadily caught up as one of the most liked destinations by the Indian tourists.