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Lufthansa airline strengthens ties with India

Lufthansa (LH), the world airline of Germany, further boosted its long-term ties with India, with the success of the Startup Expo on April 23, in collaboration with The Indus Entrepreneurs. LH has been involved with the event for a long time, and Wolfgang Will, Director of South Asia LH, said that “startup is the future.” He said the expo, which attracted thousands of young boys and girls, pays tribute to the entrepreneurial energy in India. A series of local shows were held in different parts of the country before the expo even on Saturday in Gurgaon, which was addressed by Will; Amitabha Kant, who heads the policy making Niti Ayog now and has been in tourism for many years; and Deep Kalra, founder of Make My Trip.

Kant said that the future belongs to the digital world, and the budding entrepreneurs should have a world view and vision. He listed several areas where startups were required. The expo attracted the young from various sectors, including medicine, technology, and food. The Runway to Success project of Lufthansa has attracted many youth who wish to carve out a career in enterprises of their own, rather than just be job seekers. Kant said that e commerce, agriculture, and the manufacturing sectors held great opportunities for startups. The LH top boss said that the huge economy of India was ideal for startup entrants.