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Cirrus aircraft to make flying affordable

Cirrus India foresees huge demand for its aircraft which they say is a certified plane with parachute and has vowed to make flying more affordable. The five-seater multipurpose aircraft is considered useful for remote connectivity, flying training, personal and business flying, surveillance and aerial activity. “Even a common man can afford to fly by this aircraft because its operational cost is only Rs.14,000 per hour,” Captain Sanjay, Cirrus India Managing Director told. “People don’t know that such an aircraft exist at the cost of a premium car,” he said.

The small aircraft, manufactured by US-based Cirrus Aircraft, costs around Rs.3.5 crore. Cirrus India, promoted by SRK Aviacom (I), is displaying Cirrus aircraft at India Aviation 2016, the country’s largest civil aviation show currently underway at Begumpet Airport. The aircraft on static display flew in from Abu Dhabi, which the company officials say prove its good range and performance. This aircraft belongs to Emirates, which is using it for training of its pilots.

Sanjay said Cirrus aircraft can contribute significantly to achieve regional connectivity as envisaged in draft aviation policy as it can connect tier III cities to tier II and tier I cities. “For us life is precious and that is why we have parachute on this aircraft, which is safe and best. In many tragic accidents, people lost their lives because there were no parachutes on aircraft,” said Sanjay. “It is creating awareness in the industry that if you love your life use parachute. We don’t recommend pulling the parachute but we have provided additional safety feature,” said Roohi Bali, sales manager, Cirrus India.