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Strong dollar infuse hope for Indian inbound travel industry

The steep fall of rupee against U.S. dollar is presumed to bring happier times for the Indian tourism industry. For global travelers heading to India, the strong dollar might prove as a crucial crowd puller. The exchange rate will enable foreign travelers to spend more on travel, shopping and experiences while touring India.

For major outbound travelers, the tourists from the US, the UK or Europe generally prefer the other Southeast Asian countries over India. However, the recent economic state amid all uncertainties has become a major reason for travelers from Western countries to head towards India.Travel experts believe that the rising value of dollar against Indian rupee is very good news for the Indian inbound tourism.

This is supposedly the best opportunity for India to promote itself in the global tourism arena and experts predict a growth of 20 per cent in inbound tourism numbers. To allure international travelers, India should be keen to embrace new challenges and implement innovative strategies such as foreign language sign, guides and food. According to the experts, hotels in India should be more flexible and offer their best rates to tap the middle class global traveler market.