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2015 to be observed as ‘Visit India’ Year in China

The year 2015 is being observed as the ‘Visit India Year’ in China. Various promotional activities are being organised to showcase and promote the varied tourism destinations and products of India in China, with the objective of increasing foreign tourist arrivals from China to India. These include advertising in the local print and outdoor media, participation in travel fairs and exhibitions; organising ‘Know India’ seminars and workshops for Chinese tour operators in different cities; publication of brochures; joint advertising and joint promotion with tourism stakeholders, airlines etc. and inviting media personalities, tour operators, opinion makers etc. to visit the country under the Hospitality Scheme of the Ministry. Ministry of Tourism organised a Chinese tourist facilitator programme in 2014 for the executives and tour managers of tour operators handling Chinese tourists. The participants were nominated by Indian association of tour operators. A total of 118 Chinese tourist facilitators were trained through this programme.