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PM announces lifetime Indian visa for PIO cardholders

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently told a rapturous crowd of NRIs that Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) cardholders will get lifetime Indian visa and that American tourists will be given visa on arrival. Modi, who arrived at the packed Madison Square Garden to a rousing welcome, announced the merger of PIO and Overseas Citizens of India schemes to facilitate hassle-free travel to the Indian diaspora.

He announced that PIO card holders staying in India on long-term basis will no longer have to report to the local police station. Prime Minister Modi affirmed that India will move ahead at a rapid pace and lead the 21st Century world. At the unique event in the heart of Manhattan at which some 20,000 cheering NRIs were present, Modi said that his big win in the Lok Sabha elections had come with a big responsibility for him which he would fulfil.