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Zostel makes emphatic changes to its policies to support its traveller community amid Covid 19 pandemic

Coronavirus has interrupted tourism on a global scale forcing travellers to cancel flights and accommodations at the last minute. To encourage travellers to stay safe and not bother about their canceled plans, Zostel, a community-led, experience-driven ecosystem, has waived its cancellations fees on all booked accommodations and experiences. As per the updated policies, Zostel will process 100 per cent refunds immediately for bookings made through their website. Meanwhile, for bookings that were made through online travel agencies, the platform will ensure priority cooperation to refund the advance deposits made by the travellers.

As the number of registered cases of the coronavirus-led disease Covid-19 in India shoots up to 147 and the death toll across the globe rises to 8,010 with over 200,000 confirmed cases, major establishments across the country are shutting down their operations whereas multiple flights are beingcancelled for safety reasons. However, the latest policy by Zostel will enable travelers to get their accommodation bookings rescheduled for any dates until December 31, 2020.

Dharamveer Singh Chouhan, Co-founder & CEO, Zostel, said, “The well-being of our traveller community has always beenon the top of our mind and therefore we have chosen to abandon most of our stay and reservation policies to accommodate all sorts of requests. We are offering free cancellations, lifting the age limit, and letting people stay for as long as they like at discounted rates under strict safety measures.”

Amid the global pandemic, Zostel has also been taking serious precautionary measures at all its hostels and homes for its existing travellers since the first week of March. It has placed hand sanitizers in all common areas including cafes, reception desk, and hangout zones. The staff has been advised to use facemasks and gloves for maintaining better hygiene as well as to avoid direct contact with guests or each other. Disposable facemasks with ideal usage of 1 day are also available for purchase at the reception desk.

Zostel is also implementing strict housekeeping schedules for better disinfection and hygiene. Even domestic travellers are being advised to get medical certificates for better assurance of their health conditions.

Meanwhile, Zostel has shut many of its properties in Kerala till the end of 31st March ’20 in order to avoid the spread.