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Visit Anaheim study reveals choosing the right destination is the key in having a successful vacation with a new partner

Visit Anaheim, the official destination organization for Anaheim, released new research on how couples navigate their first trip together and found the smoothest vacation happened when couples had been together for at least 10 months. The survey of 2,000 American adults, who have travelled with a partner, showed that even with a few bumps in the road, the first vacation together is generally a success story.

For a vacation to be successful, respondents say the most important factors are choosing the right destination (69 per cent), having a budget that works for both partners (61 per cent) and good planning (60 per cent). Since the first time traveling with a new partner can be a make-or-break moment, the decision on where to go and what to do for vacation is the key factor in whether a new couple will survive their first vacation together.

“We’re not surprised to learn that couples that travel together are happier – we see those happy faces in Anaheim every day,” said Jay Burress, president and CEO of Visit Anaheim. “Exploring a new place definitely brings new couples together, especially when there is so much to experience in a destination like Anaheim. Whether you’re interested in the thrill of theme parks, the energy of professional sports, or the excitement of a live concert, you’ll be transformed by our unique experiences.”

The study also found 37 per cent of couples fell in love when taking their first vacation together, which is likely why over half of respondents (52 per cent) have returned to the same destination of their first vacation together. When choosing a destination, respondents say cost was the most important factor (62 per cent), followed by the activities offered in the area (54 per cent).

“From the Disneyland Resort to professional sports, Anaheim is a great destination that offers a long line-up of exciting activities and one-of-a-kind date night options,” said Burress. “Anaheim continues growing, evolving and flourishing as a dynamic destination with its own cultural footprint in the cuisine, entertainment, sports and recreation arenas.”