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Treebo launches unbundled offering, ‘Hotel Superhero’ 100 properties sign up in pre-launch phase

Treebo Hotels announced the launch of a new offering called ‘Hotel Superhero’, a platform which will empower small and medium sized hotels owners with cutting-edge tools and capabilities across all aspects of hotel operations. Hotel Superhero will give these small hotel owners access to benefits like hotel management technology, quality control support, staff training support, access to pre-screened vendors, credit facility, management of property’s OTA listings, dynamic pricing solutions, and additional sales through Treebo’s own online and offline distribution channels. The company has on-boarded over a 100 properties across Mumbai, Kochi, NCR, Mysore, and Bangalore as part of the Hotel Superhero model.

Explaining the new offering, Treebo’s Co-founder, Sidharth Gupta said, “More than 95% of the hotel industry globally is dominated by small, independent hotel owners who are not affiliated with any chain. These are local entrepreneurs who manage all aspects of hotel operations themselves and often struggle to get desired results and efficiency. Think of Hotel Superhero as a powerful, one-stop-shop partner for these hotel entrepreneurs for any and every help they need in running their hotel efficiently and productively. It is an unmatched solution that is comprehensive and yet comes with the flexibility of picking only what you need. Indeed, for an independent hotelier, this is as good as a Superhero!”

“Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) represent the growth engine of the country, and in fact the world. Superhero is designed to serve such SMEs in the hospitality sector. Technology solutions are a necessary but not a sufficient offering for such clients. In order to serve their needs effectively, you need an offering that goes beyond SaaS. It has to be a combination of SaaS

+ BPO + advisory, which is exactly what Superhero is.” Gupta added.

So far, Treebo used to exclusively work on the business model of a branded hotel chain, as part of which it lent its brand name to existing properties, and offered technology, operations, and sales support – all as part of a single, integrated offering. Now, as part of the Hotel Superhero model, partner hotels will be able to use some of these capabilities offered by the company independently on an ‘à la carte’ basis.

“Over the last four years, Treebo has developed a comprehensive set of capabilities across technology, operations, distribution, branding, and third-party sales channel management. These capabilities have completely transformed how our partners run their hotels, and have helped them see a healthy and sustained increase in their returns from the hotel. But so far these

capabilities have only been available as a single, integrated package. This meant, for example, that properties that were not eligible to be branded as a ‘Treebo’ were not able to access our other capabilities either. Similarly, properties that were already doing well on the quality front but struggled on the technology front, could not choose to access the latter capability from us without subscribing to the former. With Hotel Superhero, we are opening up the full suite of our offerings to everyone. Hotel owners can pick and choose which parts of Treebo’s capabilities they want to work with. It allows us to serve hundreds of thousands of independent hotels across the world”

Hotel Superhero is currently available only in India but the company said it planned to launch it internationally too. Currently the offering comes in three variants – Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each variant has a different combination of capabilities available to the hotel owner. For example, the Silver variant only has technology access and listing on Treebo’s own distribution channels, whereas the Platinum variant is a more comprehensive package that includes support of expert hospitality professionals for quality audits and training, complete outsourcing of OTA listing management, among other offerings.

The company is simultaneously growing the integrated, branded model as well, which it said will continue to be the core business. “Of course, our manachised model has done very well and will continue to grow. We currently have 500+ partners working with us on that model under our 3 sub-brands – ‘Trip’, ‘Trend’, and ‘Tryst’. Going forward we will continue to be selective in choosing the properties we work with on this model. We want to ensure that the properties that carry the Treebo brand name offer a high quality experience to the customers. The Hotel Superhero offering will be more open and available to all hotels. Even on our direct distribution platforms, we will maintain a clear segregation between these two sets of properties, so that it is clear to the customers where Treebo’s quality promise is available and where it is not.” Gupta said.