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Travel Earth’s Digital Influencer Convention in Sabah culminates with the Earthy Awards

Digital Influencers’ Convention and Earthy Awards, organized and spearheaded by Travel.Earth, an Indian travel media company,ended with the Earthy Awards on June 28th. The Earthy Awards are positioned as the gold standard of the travel blogging and digital influencer industry. The intention of Earthy Awards is to recognize the work and efforts of the travel blogging and influencer community.

There were 20 award categories that were judged by a panel of independent jury members prior to the event. The jury panel consisted of marketing gurus like Ramesh Srivats, Partha Sinha, and Jessie Paul, Creative entrepreneurs like Bobby Joshi, veteran visual editor Dinesh Krishnan, and influential bloggers like Shivya Nath and Siddhartha Joshi.

11 more awards were announced as ‘on-site’ awards and was based on real-time, on-ground activity on social media where the most engaging entries were awarded with an Earthy.

The biggest award of the lot, the ‘Travel Influencer of the Year’ was awarded to SaumyaRai who runs a blog called Road to Taste with her husband Vishu. Saumya and Vishu document their travel on their blog and several social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

The other Earthy Award winners are:

  • Rising Star of the Year – Aakash Malhotra (Wander With Sky)
  • Travel Photographer of the year – NavaneethUnnikrishnan
  • Best Instagrammer – Sunny Gala (Worthashott)
  • Travel Blogger of the year – Amrita Sen (Tale of 2 Backpackers)
  • Best Story (Culture) – Amrita Sen (Tale of 2 Backpackers)
  • Best Photo (Environment) – Veronica Gera
  • Best Photo (Food) – DeebaRajpal (Passionate About Baking)
  • Best Photo (People) – Rakesh Pulapa
  • Best Story (Wildlife) – JyotsnaRamani (Wander with Jo)
  • Best Photo-Story – KeertanaIyer (The Next Checkin)
  • Best Short Story on Travel – Ajay Sood (Travelure)
  • Best Travel Writer – Vijay Nagaraj Rao (IMVoyager)
  • Best Vlog – PriyankaChandola (DesiTraveller Girl)
  • Best Youtuber – PriyankaChandola (DesiTraveller Girl)
  • Caption Queen – Vandana Yadav (The Glowing Edge)
  • Best story on website – KhushbooMotihar (Munni of all Trades)
  • On-site Award for Overall event coverage – Deena Pinto (Skinny Girl Diariez)
  • On-site award for Best Story on Airline – Tushar Panchal (Bombayiger)
  • On-site Award for Best Food Picture – Rohan Khanna (Radio ka Rohan)
  • On-site Award for Best Story on a Tour Activity – Joshua Karthik
  • On-site Award for Best Post on Sabah – Sundeep Bhatia (Delhi Fundos)
  • On-site Award for Best Sunset Photo – VikramSoni (The Vogue and Fit)
  • On-site Award for Best Photo at Rasa Ria – Veronica Gera
  • On-site Award for Best Caption Story on Sabah – SeemaWadhwa (Curiosity Cult)

From the 20 pre-set award categories, Best Story in Print and SEO Champ went without any winners as nominations did not meet the eligibility criteria. While the same held true for Traveller with a Cause category, the Travel Earth team took an executive decision to present the award for this particularcategory to Shivya Nath (The Shooting Star) to recognize her work in responsible travel. Of the 11 on-site awards, Best Short Vlog, Best Live Story on Tours and Best Live Story during the Convention also went unawarded due to lack of suitable entries.

The Earthy Awards received positive impact and feedback and was a successful in its purpose of celebrating the true content creators and influencers in the travel community. The venture will be further continued as an annual event in the coming years.