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The all new Airbus planes will now track passenger movement inside the aircraft

Attention travellers! The all new airbus planes have some new features that you may or may not like. Following Airbus decision to welcome the Internet of Things (a system of interrelated computing devices), they have now introduced a new cabin experience that is going to track passenger in-flight movements. This also includes your visit to the bathroom.

According to reports, Airbus is going to conduct test flights of its A350-900 aircraft. This aircraft is going to have sensors that will monitor passengers closely, even in the bathroom, and this is so that it can provide you with better service.

The smart cabin by Airbus is going to monitor a couple of things, such as how many people are queued up outside the bathroom, how often the washrooms are being used, and flushed, checking whether the toiletries running out, which passengers have their seat belts unbuckled, and so on. The information gathered from these will then help the airlines to serve passengers in a better manner, or even in a personalised manner.

Additionally, your armrests, tray tables, and even seatback would be fitted with sensors. The overhead bin sensors will help the airlines to understand how much free space is available, and also help them to manage space more efficiently.

While it is unlikely that you as a person would be watched and followed during this programme, the reality of this will only be known once the system starts getting applied in your airlines.