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Thailand launches Thai-Licious Journey campaign at ITB Berlin 2017

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) today launched a new tourism marketing campaign with the theme ‘Thai-Licious Journey’ to entice foodies from around the world to explore ‘Thainess’ through unique food tours and culinary experiences in the Northern, Central, Eastern and Southern provinces of Thailand.


Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor said, “Thai cuisine has successfully captured the attention of consumers globally. Realising that “foodie tourism” works as a catalyst to command attention, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has launched a new campaign under the theme – “Thai-licious Journey,” which will motivate foodies to embark on a culinary journey to taste signature dishes in renowned venues across Thailand as the way to ‘explore Thainess through food.”


Soraya Homchuen, Director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand in Mumbai commented, “Thailand is known to be a foodie’s paradise as it has a lot to offer for every taste bud. With the new campaign, we are sure that the travelers from India will get to experience the sheer brilliance of Thai cuisine. Since food is an important part of one’s itinerary, Thailand has varied options for food lovers, from local street food to fine-dining eateries, to fun food tours and live cooking, there is something for everyone to indulge in.”


The Thai-Licious campaign comprises three key elements: Travel and Eat like Locals; Food That Comes with a Story; and Delightful Taste.


Under the ‘Travel and Eat like Locals’ element of the Thai-licious Journey, food-loving visitors are encouraged to travel around Thailand and seek out signature dishes of different regions. In this way, they will appreciate the culture and history behind each dish, see local ingredients being grown and enjoy unique parts of the kingdom.‘Food That Comes with a Story’ highlights Thai dishes that come with fascinating background stories or legends, or foods that are associated with history and places in Thailand. Meanwhile, ‘Delightful Taste’ will promote memorable food and travel experiences in Thailand and encourage people to make delightful journeys to enjoy delightful food in different destinations.


TAT will roll out the Thai-Licious campaign with the first four episodes of promotional videos covering destinations in the Northern, Central, Eastern and Southern provinces of Thailand, all of which have very different food cultures.