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roomsXML to helpTravel Agents to build and manage their own brand

Starting with the markets of Middle East, roomsXML is now making special efforts in India to ensure that Travel Agents, wanting to have their own B2B and B2C front, can indeed have one.

roomsXML has strengthen their alliances with many reputed travel technology companies and together they are in a position to offer solutions that are cost-effective and quick to ‘go to market’.

Says Prakash Bang, Managing Director, roomsXML Solutions Limited, “When tied with a third party brand, Travel Agents do have limitations since they lack the flexibility to work as per changing market dynamics. They have no options but to depend on the inventory, mark-ups, vendors, etc. that are offered by the principals. Worst, when the relationship comes to an end, the Travel Agent needs to go back to the drawing board! The option is to have one’s own brand.”

With presence in UK, USA, UAE, Australia and India, roomsXML is world’s leading accommodation supplier working exclusively with and for the Travel Agents. Through many technology alliances, it can offer its inventory that comes de-duplicated and at net rates. The same can be combined with other travel product like airlines, transfers, sight-seeing, car-hire, etc.

Adds Prakash Bang, “The Travel Agents do have the option of not choosing to work with our feed. There’s no binding. They can be with us as long as we are competitive and have a service that keeps them happy.”