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RezLive.com at WTM fair in London

RezLive.com (A Product of Travel Designer Group) was jubilant to exhibit again at WTM London with key people from the team. The reception that they received this year was awesome, which ultimately reflects strong brand recognition and better bonding with travel partners across the globe with hoteliers and suppliers we work with. This ultimately shows why RezLive.com grows so well across the globe and now has presence in 19 countries.

RezLive.com ( A Product of Travel Designer Group), which has been outperforming this rising market and has been experiencing over 50% growth over the past few years, Rezlive.com is now working with 11,000+ active agents across the globe.

Jaal Shah, Group Managing Director of RezLive.com, said, “It is an exciting time for RezLive.com and we are looking forward to rolling out new growth plans and expanding the business even further especially in the Europe and other Western countries of the world.

Looking at figures from the past 12 months alone, it is clear that the targets are realistic and our future is set to even eclipse the achievements of a very successful past”. The investment and expansion plans outlined here will really elevate the position of RezLive.com and make it a key player in the industry.”

He continued, “Our mission this year was to invest in our people, our IT platforms and our distribution. As there is uncertainty in economies around the world, we are happy to be in a position to create much-needed employment and investment.” So, in a nutshell RezLive.com( A product of Travel Designer Group) was happy to meet its global partners, suppliers and at the same time access new technology.

RezLive.com is one of the few wholesalers who offer single feed to 125,000+ International rooms around the world, offering you real time access to rooms that are available at the best net rates. RezLive.com also offers 45,000+ Sightseeing items and over 5000 tours in 500 cities and 5,000+ Transfer options in over 900 Airport and City Locations.