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Reunion Island Tourism Board in India appoints Representation World LLP for India Representation

The Reunion Island Tourism Board (French Island in Indian Ocean) has announced the appointment of Representation World LLP as its representative office in India. Representation World LLP has been tasked to implement ongoing public relations and travel trade programs, to educate potential travellers on the destination’s unique attributes, thereby attracting a larger number of visitors to Reunion Island from India.

The interest of Indian Travellers to beautiful French Island is increasing and new destination is in Demand. Magnificent Beaches, Breathtaking Sceneries, Marvellous trinkets and Interesting culture, Reunion Island is ideal for people wanting to escape from daily activities, enjoy a honeymoon, or even have a great time with family and friends.

“Reunion Island boasts a wealth of modern tourism facilities, from luxurious resort and spas to professional travel and transportation services to high-quality, well-managed attractions. With something for everyone, Reunion Island is an ideal destination choice.

Reunion Island aims to receive more Indian Tourist, with this Partnership with Representation World.
“Reunion Island offering Activities for all segment of the travellers be it in Air – Paragliding, Heli Tours , On Land – Casino, Culture Tour, Lava Caves. In Water – Deep Sea Diving, Coral Tours, Surfing, Canyoning etc will surely be interest of Indian Traveller and 42% whole Island is Protected by UNESCO world heritage and only place to see Volcanic Eruption even by hiking. The Mars Surface resemblance will definitely attract Indian Visitors Said Mr. William TECHER Head of Marketing & Promotion INDIA.

Vineet Gopal, Director, Representation World LLP added, “We are thrilled & honoured to represent the Reunion Tourism Board in India. The destination offering will definitely attract Indian Honeymooners, Family, Adventure Tourist, etc. Also the 15 Days Short Stay Visa simplification for Indian who wish to travel to Beautiful Reunion Island will also boost Tourism from India to Reunion Island.”