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Newest Trend of 2019: Stopovers an alluring and economical option

Going back five years, while planning for an international vacation and choosing a destination had few and strict criteria. Leading the list was a direct flight to the destination, reasoning it with layovers as a synonym to inconvenience and time killing. In inevitable situations of layover where the distance to be covered did not have an option of direct flight, those layover hours or a night was spent sleeping or cribbing about it.  

However, these five years have brought a drastic behavioral change and thereby introduction of new options by the airlines. A smart traveller of 2019 believes in utilising every minute they are not flying, which means the layovers are utilised to optimum level by exploring the city or cuisines of the place in the time one has.

Looking at this behavior change, the airlines are now giving options of stopovers instead of layovers, where, a person can explore a country falling in between his final destination for days between two to five, with minimalist additional cost.

This option gives an opportunity to explore, say, Switzerland while travelling to North Atlantic from Delhi or Dubai as an Indian resident plans a holiday to Greece. Thus, ticking off two countries while paying one (and a little more).