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New tomb with 50 mummies uncovered in Egypt

Archaeologists in Egypt have reportedly uncovered a Pharaonic tomb. It contains 50 mummies that date back to the Ptolemaic era ie 323-320 BC in Tuna el-Gebel archaeological site. The site is located in South of Cairo.

The mummies were discovered inside four, nine meter deep burial chambers here. Out of the 50 mummies, 12 are that of children. However, according to the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt, the identities of the mummies are still unknown. There were no names written in hieroglyphics at the site. It is possible that the mummies belong to people who held important positions during that time.

According to reports, some of these mummies were wrapped in linen, while others were found to be placed in stone coffins, or wooden sarcophagi.

The site has already garnered much attention, as visitors had gathered at the discovery site where 40 of these mummies were exhibited during the announcement ceremony. Among those attending the ceremony, there were ambassadors of several countries as well.

The discovery of new mummies will only add to the curiosity of travellers who go to Egypt every year looking to explore the old world. The process of mummification was practiced in ancient Egypt, wherein all moisture from the body is extracted so that body is completely dry and can be preserved for long periods of time.

Source: Times Of India