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New System, New Features, New Branding – RezLive.com

The Global B2B Online Booking System Powering Global Travel Content to Travel Partners, having offices in 19 countries and carry 15+ years of experience, has taken a leap forward and underwent massive change from UI, Architecture and technology perspective to better meet the ever growing needs of its travel partners and further to make their overall booking process experience continuously better with RezLive.com. RezLive.com being known for innovations, global reach, reputation, trustworthiness, competitiveness, advanced technology and booking interface has added a basket of new features, inventory and interface to provide it users the best B2B online booking systems.

Rezlive.com now offers 175,000 Hotel & Apartment Rooms, More than 45,000+ sightseeing items & over 5000 tours in 500 cities and 5000+ transfer options in over 900 Airport & city locations across the globe.
Adding to the above, Mr. Jaal Shah( Group Managing Director – Travel Designer Group and Founder of Award Winning Global Reservation System –Rezlive.com) said: We are a global supplier of accommodation, sightseeing and transfer services to our travel partners across the globe and are currently connected with 11,000+ Active Travel Partners. We have been consistently providing the best and biggest inventory to the travel partners globally, by sourcing them through multiple suppliers and contracting with hotel chains across the globe.

Our travel partners trust us to deliver and support them 365 days because of our vast experience, healthy relationship with suppliers and hotel chains and local market understanding. We give our travel partners the platform to create their future and prosper together. Some of the Innovative features that have been inculcated into the completely new system are:

Innovative Features:
• Express Search Option
• Filters to optimize search
• Quotation templates
• Option to book last 5 searched bookings
• TripAdvisor Reviews
• Option to Compare Hotels
• Interactive Map view
• Larger Inventory with mapped information
• Option to search Apartment only
• Coupon Codes
• Store last 5 bookings, searches and quotation details
• Agent dashboard analytics
• Multi-Currency Payment Gateway
• VIP Desk
• Local support and local currency offering
• Multi-Currency rate display
• Mobile Friendly
• Easy Navigation
• Built on advanced architecture