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‘Namaste Orchha’, celebrates the richness of an era

Madhya Pradesh, a state of eloquent culture, historical places, hill stations and rich wildlife is among the most thought- provoking tourist destinations in the country, holding immense potential for the growth of inbound tourism, while also creating new opportunities by employing initiatives to promote the statein a larger context. Not much explored, town of Orchha is under the lens of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board’s latest endeavour,that is in sync with the event, ‘Namaste Orchha’. Here’s a glimpse of this spectacular three day festival.  

Sonika Bhandari

Madhya Pradesh has immensely grown as one of the most preferred tourist destinations in India. From beautiful temples to intricate art and craft, sprawling landscapes to varied wildlife, the state has everything that a tourist craves for. The architectureillustrates the rich past, often thronged by wanderers in the era gone by. The natural heritage of the state with rich settings and green meadows, flourishing with uncountable species of flora and fauna, is something a wildlife lover can’t ignore. In short, the state provides the travellers, with different mind-sets, a unique travel list.

Orchha is one such hidden gem in Madhya Pradesh, thriving on its celebrated heritage, natural beauty, culture and creativity. Madhya Pradesh government organised ‘Namaste Orchha eventthat opened on March 6, to draw the attention of tourists to the state of MP in general and Orchha in particular, by exhibiting in the backdrop of the majestic Orchha fort, showcasing the state handicraft, heritage and legacies, sustainable fashion and design presentations in association with master-craftsmen and well known global-local brands.

Founded in the 16th Century by Rudra Pratap Singh, Orchhabecame the capital of the Bundela Rajput dynasty. Planned along the Betwa river, the complex of forts, palaces and cenotaphstake the visitors by surprise. Orchha is the only place in India where Lord Ram is worshipped as a King. The grand temples stand enigmatically in the landscape, merging the stories of valour of the Rajput Kings with those of the gods. This historical town is seeped in Rajput lore. The fort palace complex still echoes the battles fought centuries ago.

With a vision to preserve the heritage, culture and to help in the economic progress of the people of Orchha, it celebrates the cultural landscape of the central state. The Madhya Pradesh government plans to develop the ancient Ram Raja Temple in Orchha into a major pilgrimage and tourist attraction on the lines of Somnath Temple, Tirumala Tirupati and Golden Temple.

In the course of the three days, the festival saw an inaugural cultural performance at the 16th century Orchha Fort, an immersive visual spectacle of the ‘maha aarti on the banks of river Betwa and a ‘farm–to- table’ experience showcasing products of organic farming. The festival also featured a food and crafts bazaar which had the local cuisine and traditional handicrafts on offer. This event brought together the several experiences that are quintessentially Orchha. A trip to Orchha is perfect for travelling back in time, a lesson from the forgotten pages of history.

The debut edition of the festival also brings forth a unique set of dance performances that narrate the hidden history of the town. Musical performance by Sadhya Group and Clinton Cerejomusic band during the inaugural session beguiled the guests on the first edition of the three-day extravaganza. The festival also featured diverse forms of music, art, wellness, travel, nature, adventure, history and culture on the remaining two days of the programme.

Remarkably, Orchha won the Best Heritage City at the National Tourism Awards event 2017-18 and is shortlisted for UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Bestowed with diverse culture, wildlife and fascinating history, Madhya Pradesh is a true visual treat to the travellers that will surely fill you with so many incredible memories. So, plan your trip to the ‘The Heart of Incredible India’ and discover local heritage, food, culture, and adventure at its very best.