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Lufthansa Group to revamp its frequent flyer program

The Lufthansa is offering its customers an even easier and more transparent collection system for achieving and maintaining frequent traveller, senator and HON circle levels. Loyalty towards Lufthansa Group airlines will be rewarded to a greater extent than ever before. In the future, the airlines will also be appointing their guests frequent traveller and senator for life in recognition of their long-standing loyalty. All changes to the status programme will apply to flights from January 1, 2021 and onwards.

George Ettiyil, Senior Director Sales South Asia, Lufthansa Group airlines asserts that Indian customers, in particular, stand to reap significant benefits from the changes made to the program. He said, “with the latest evolvement of the miles and more program, the frequency of flying will be rewarded more than ever to attain and maintain a status with Lufthansa Group airlines. This simple approach will benefit the Indian customers and fans of our airline brands, as we are personalising their rewards and uncomplicating the points accumulation process. Through this, we aim to enhance their experience of travelling with a Lufthansa Group airline even further.”

The latest iteration of Lufthansa’s miles and more program is in line with the group’s focus on delivering seamless, evolved, and premium customer experiences to its patrons around the world. The changes made to the program will introduce greater transparency and simplicity in points allocation, in addition to driving long-term loyalty amongst its global consumer base. The loyalty program also reflects the group’s new, modern understanding of premium travel.