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Lords Hotels and Resorts – First Indian Hotel company to launch and adopt Environment Charter

LORDS HOTELS and RESORTS, one of the fastest growing Hotel chains with Hotels across 39 Cities, 10 States and 4 countries, are now THE FIRST INDIAN HOTEL COMPANY to launch and adopt a complete ENVIRONMENT CHARTER, along with the OATH of SUSTAINABLE TOURISM and CODE of CONDUCT for Safe and Honorable Tourism. All Employees, Owners and Partners shall pledge and commit themselves to the same. 

The Group has solemnly undertaken to conduct its business in a manner that befits the Culture and Ethos of our rich and ancient civilization, and protects all individuals, especially Women and Children, from all derogatory acts, which are contrary to the spirit of our country. 

Speaking on the occasion, MR.  PUSHPENDRA BANSAL, COO Lords Hotels and Resorts, commented “The tourism sector has a significant direct impact on our natural resources and environment. Sustainable tourism, or Ecotourism, is a pertinent tool in achieving a fine balance between creating economic growth and preserving natural resources”. 

MR. RAKESH MATHUR, Director and Advisor, Lords Hotels and Resorts, who is  also CO- FOUNDER and HONORARY SECRETARY of The Ecotourism Society of India, and who also drafted the Oath of Sustainable Tourism and The Code of Conduct, which were adopted by the MINISTRY OF TOURISM, said “I am very Happy to be able to Implement in our Hotel Chain, the initiatives that have been close to my heart,  and for which I have worked for several years. It reflects our commitment towards being a Responsible Organization”.