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Jewar Airport in NCR is expected to start new air routes, lower air fares

The International Airport in Jewar, Uttar Pradesh, will promote the aviation sector as soon as it is ready by 2023 by declogging the Delhi Airport, and also extending air services to a larger section of the National Capital Region’s population.

Reportedly, industry experts expect that the Jewar airport project will help airlines to start new air routes and add volume to the Delhi sector. Jagannarayan Padmanabhan, Director, CRISIL Infrastructure Advisory, told the press that since the international airport in Delhi is supposed to cross its capacity in the coming years, it was important to have another airport in the NCR region.

Reportedly, it is also expected that the presence of another alternative airport in NCR may give rise to competition, and make functional costs lower for the airline firms. Furthermore, the airport will also give a push to real estate, tourism, hospitality, transportation and other sectors.In November 2019, the Switzerland-based Zurich Airport International AG was chosen as the concessionaire for constructing the Jewar Airport. The Swiss company most notably runs the Zurich Airport, besides eight other airports in Latin America.

News has it that the Jewar Airport will be situated around 80 km south of Delhi. With six runways, Jewar airport will become the biggest airport in India. It will also have a metro train line just like the Delhi International Airport. News has it that about 6000 to 7000 trees will be cut to make space for the airport. However, the government will compensate for the loss by planting a lot more trees.