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Istanbul and Antalya amongst the top 25 cities in the world’s best Instagrammable hotspot

Istanbul & Antalya, two of the most popular cities in Turkey have made it to the list of most Instagrammable destinations in the world. The news was released by Hoppa, the comparison company for transportation tariffs that released a list of 50 cities that were shared most on Instagram in 2019.

Today, almost everyone is using social media accounts and Instagram is one of the most widely used social media apps. The app has become the most preferred platform for people to share their holiday pictures and stories when travelling abroad. The company revealed that Turkey has emerged as a popular destination on Instagram.

According to the report, Antalya was ranked 25th whereas Istanbul was ranked 5th in the list with 74 million 710 thousand 531 shares. 42.4 percent in Istanbul with the most food, 16 percent of the landscape, 14.6% with the most selfie sharing is done.

Istanbul is the cultural epicenter of Turkey whereas Antalya is in between of the culture and party. The sunset and sunrises, in particular, is incredible. Istanbul has an amazing blend of western and eastern culture and is just bustling with things to do and see.

Turkey is blessed with immense scenic and historical beauty which makes it a very Instagrammable and photographed destination. In the International’s city arrival report, Istanbul and Antalya have been listed among the top 5 cities in Europe in terms of the international tourist arrivals in 2018. This accolade will definitely generate more interest amongst tourists to travel to Turkey” added Mr. H Deniz Ersoz, Tourism Counsellor Turkey Embassy, New Delhi