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Indonesia sets target for 20 million arrivals by 2019

The Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia in collaboration with Visit Indonesia Tourism Officer (VITO) conducted Indonesia Sales Mission to India. The event was from July28-30, 2015 at Mumbai and New Delhi which are the two biggest cities in India and potential for Indian tourist visiting Indonesia. Sales Mission to India was a strategic opportunity to reinforce Indonesia’s tourism position to promote the country as tourist destination as well as to attract investors related to tourism. The Travel Mission was well attended by around 300 travel agents in Mumbai and Delhi.

Indonesia and India are the biggest democracies in Asia and have enjoyed historical, economic and cultural links for more than a thousand years. Hope the close relationship between the two countries would help the tourism industries to deliver mutual advantage through Sales Mission. ‘Wonderful Indonesia’, Indonesia’s tourism motto reflects the country’s beautiful nature, unique culture, varied food, hospitable people and price competitiveness in various kind of services.

India has been included in the top 10 visitors to Indonesia and is one of the primary markets in term of increasing the number of foreign visits to Indonesia. Based on the foreign visits realization data of 2014, the number of Indian visits increased about 16.23 per cent to 237.990 visits compared to the 2013’s, 204.756 visits. The positive trend of increase in Indian tourist arrivals is visible from January until May 2015, 107.933 visits.

Meanwhile, demand for international tourism to Indonesia remain strong, according to the results reported by Indonesia Statistics Bureau records the total number of foreign tourists for January-December was 9.435.411 tourists, or increased 7.19 per cent from the number recorded in 2013. As expected that in 2015, 12 million international visitors will visit Indonesia.