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India conducts trial of Spanish high-speed train

Indian Railways has started conducting trial runs of a Spanish high-speed train. The Talgo train will initially be deployed on the line between Bareilly and Moradabad – two cities in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The 90km journey will be covered in approximately one hour and 10 minutes, with trains running at initial speeds of up to 115kph. The first trail run, on 29 May, was conducted with two drivers and engineers from Talgo, while 324 sandbags were used to simulate the weight of passengers.

The train has nine carriages, including two executive class cars, four chair cars, a cafeteria and a power car. The Uttar Pradesh trial runs will continue for two weeks, after which the train will be tested on the Rajdhani route for 40 days at higher speeds of up to 180kph. The third trial will be between Delhi and Mumbai will then run for a further two weeks.
Talgo carriages are lightweight and designed to run on curved tracks without decelerating. The trains also consume 30 per cent less energy than standard models.