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IHCL Unveils a new brand identity for TajSATS, india’s market leader in Airline catering

The Indian Hotels Company (IHCL), South Asia’s largest hospitality company today unveiled a new visual brand identity for TajSATS, India’s undisputed leader in airline catering. TajSATS works with over 40 domestic and international airlines, serving over 65,000 meals a day. The launch of the new identity is a part of the ongoing evolution of TajSATS.

“TajSATS is an integral part of the IHCL ecosystem. It is currently the market leader in airline catering and we look forward to strengthening this further by unlocking its potential in non-aviation businesses as well. The new identity is a bold re-imagination of brand TajSATS and presents the company as modern and progressive,” said Mr. Puneet Chhatwal, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, IHCL and Chairman, TajSATS.

The new logo brings together the best of Taj and SATS, with an agile and innovative design that resonates across generations. Carefully balancing tradition and modernity, it tells the story of the company’s past and signals the vision for the future. The logo is set against the backdrop of a bold new visual identity that is inspired by the art of plating and the culinary arts.

“The rebranding is an exciting change for us. It not only creates a foundation for new opportunities but also emphasizes on our objective of achieving strong growth and focus towards innovation; as we strive to achieve Aspiration 2022,” said Sagar Dighe, Chief Operating Officer, TajSATS.

The branding embodies an organisation that is reinventing itself with an unwavering commitment to continuously raise standards.