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Hospitality in the digital age: Leveraging technology for outstanding service

Today more and more people around the world are enthused by the idea of travel. For reasons ranging from relaxation, expanding one’s world view or simply the thrill of discovering something new… the hospitality sector is growing by leaps and bounds. Riding on the growing demand from travellers, enterprising individuals are venturing into the hospitality business, setting benchmarks in the industry, improving customer experiences and making the environment extremely competitive.

Technology is one such factor revolutionizing the business landscape in every sector, including hospitality. Indian unicorn, OYO Hotels and Homes is playing an instrumental role in identifying the challenges faced by customers, hoteliers and asset owners and is giving them solutions through integrated technology thereby ushering a major transformation in the sector.

The story of Manoj Mishra is the perfect example of how OYO assisted the hotelier improve his business with the help of new age technologies thereby providing increased occupancy and better finances.

Manoj, traditionally, a water purifier seller, had to take over as the head his family after the sudden demise of his father. He tried his luck in various industries but never managed to succeed. He bought a property – Hotel Qlark in the bustling localilty of Pahar Ganj. Considering the proximity of the location to New Delhi Railway station, Hotel Qlark was very advantageously placed; but so were its competitors. The existence of countless big and small hotels in every nook and corner of Pahar Ganj, only added to the already competitive atmosphere. Further adding to Manoj’s strain was his lack of understanding of the hospitality sector, because of which he faced unforeseen challenges like low occupancy during peak season and no business during off-season.

His entrepreneurial nature and can-do attitude made him look for a solution and that’s when he came across OYO and learnt about how it enabled several asset owners to run successful business. He took a leap of faith and decided to empanel his property under brand OYO. Under OYO’s supervision, Hotel Qlark received a notable makeover. The idea was to bring the property at par with OYO standards and as a part of this endeavour, OYO transformed the entire property both in aesthetics as well as operations. In addition, constant guidance on staff training to ensure proper customer service, improved customer trust and increased repeat visits to the property.

Highlighting the impact of the association on the business, Manoj said, “We have been associated with OYO for almost a year now and the business has increased by 60%. Coming from a completely different background, I had absolutely no idea about the hospitality industry. The support and guidance provided by OYO in terms of operating my property, occupancy and marketing has helped me expand to five new properties and I am only looking to grow further. I would like to thank OYO for all the support and guidance and wish to continue with the association for years to come.”

OYO assists every hotel that gets onboard by upgrading the property to match the OYO standards. With over 150 quality checks in place, OYO’s on-ground team of civil experts work round-the-clock to ensure standardization across in-room amenities, hotel offerings and overall services, promoting a value-driven customer experience.

Additionally, OYO also sanctions financial support for overhauling the property, while extending additional support like equipping the hotel with LED televisions, AC, Wi-Fi, CCTV, Dish TV, quality linen, etc.