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Holiday Activity Report 2015: 44 per cent Indians prefer to travel off season

Expedia today released the Holiday Activity Report 2015, an analysis of travel behavior and preferences across multiple cities in India. The survey was conducted with 520 respondents across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad. The survey highlights that 48 per cent Indians travelled for specific set of holiday activities this summer and decided their destinations accordingly.

“Holiday activities are picking up amongst Indian travellers. This is evident from the fact that almost half of them decide the activities and then plan their destination. The traveller evolution is happening at a faster pace now that they have access to vast amount of information available at review sites, OTAs and metasearch portals. They have much more clarity than 5 years back and play a critical role in travel planning. While 56 per cent Indians preferred to travel in peak season, 44 per cent chose off season.

More than their budgets, they are anxious about wasting time, standing in long queues for tickets to theme parks and museums (22 percent), with uncertainty on ticket availability as well,” said. Vikram Malhi, Managing Director, Asia, Expedia. The survey also revealed that 48 per cent Indians are interested in cultural events like Carnivals, Oktoberfest and Tomatina festival.

55 per cent wish to check out the city-specific activities and cultural performances. 31 per cent Indians wish to explore the city with locals and enjoy knowing their culture and 48 per cent Indian talk and interact more with the locals. 30 per cent wish to indulge in adventure sports, whereas 21 per cent are curios collectors; 47 per cent Indians want to discover unexplored destinations,” he added.