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GTC’s inaugural Convention in Egypt to strengthen bilateral ties

Global Tourism Council (GTC), which was established in 2016, is set to organize its inaugural Convention in Cairo from September 16-19, 2018. Global Tourism Council aims to be the world’s biggest non-government organization recognized by Government of India Charitable Trust. It is the brainchild of the best professionals from India and across the world who are committed to the advancement of the global trade and tourism industry.

With focus on three key areas, this convention will be an excellent platform to bring together a varied mix of delegates across sectors from both nations .The Convention will be held at the Marriott Cairo & Omar Khayyam Casino as revealed in the latest media briefing in Mumbai. This will be the first time an industry convention will have three distinct areas of focus viz. Tourism Conclave, Investment Summit and Film Industry Connect.

The objective of the Convention is to strengthen the bilateral relations between the two countries, and therefore prominent personalities from the sectors like Tourism, Hospitality, Film Production companies will be participating in the Convention.

“With new challenges emerging every day in our industry we need to innovate and curate new ideas and opportunities. We must connect with those who think out-of-the-box for the development of the entire industry, leading to more profits, a better competitive stand or strategic renewal of an existing business,” said Mr. M. Iqbal Mulla, Chief Council, GTC.

The destination of Egypt has been extremely supportive, and Egypt Tourism has been very proactive in getting things done for the inaugural India-Egypt Business Summit. “We are delighted to welcome GTC to Egypt from 16-19 September 2018. Egyptian Tourism strongly supports this event & it will do the maximum needed to make this Convention a huge success.

India & Egypt have been in a deep friendship & long term co-operation. I see this occasion as a further sign of such a co-operation. My best wishes on the happy beginnings of this forth coming event”, said Mr. Ismail Amer, Egyptian Tourism Counselor.

The event will see discussions, debates and deliberations on the importance of adopting innovative technologies and new business models in tourism and hospitality industries. The focus will be on undertaking new challenges, tap untouched areas, and bring newer elements to the existing arena to attract the ever growing market of new generation travellers for greater returns.

In the changing scenario, it is essential to invest in Digital marketing to reach out and connect better with customers which largely comprises young, upbeat tech-friendly travellers. This is what will add value to the evolution and future of the hospitality and tourism industries, according to the trust Chairman,Mr Iqbal Mulla.