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goimomi.com unveiled – India’s Primer Islamic Tourism Portal at U-Connects’ networking event

goimomi.com (previously known as IslamicPilgrimages.com) was brought live at U-Connects’ 3rd networking event, at Chennai City Center on January 19, 2019.

Mohamed Mubarak, CEO goimomi.com, hails from a village down south of India who started his entrepreneurship journey at his young age. Looking up to his parents as role models, he now had launched a reliable online platform that caters the booming Islamic/Halal tourism market.

This revolutionary digital platform will change the way of traditional sales and purchase of the tour packages, thanks to the ever growing India’s online purchase and booking trend. The operators also get the benefit of free online ERP access to manage their packages, customer’s data and customer payments.

With over 120 tour operators registered during the pre-launch demonstration of goimomi.com, Mubarak invites all Islamic tour organisers and accommodation aggregators to sign up and increase their sales, customers and brand identity at partner.goimomi.com. The packages are published on goimomi.com, its partnered 3rd party sites and operator’s own website as well, thereby easing the marketing and bookings.

“The travel industry needs a big swift from the way they operating right now. goimomi.com will cater the travel industry and bring best suitable packages to its customer by eliminating the unethical travel operators from the marketplace” says, the founder and CEO, Mubarak.

“We have incorporated and ensured safety” says Mr Thileepan, CTO goimomi.com

“Goimomi is not only an interesting initiative but is a need of the hour, since the Islamic travel market is huge and yet to be tapped. It was honor to facilitate the soft launch of goimomi at our platform and wish the wonderful team the very best” Mukhtar Jahangeer, Founder UConnect

‘goimomi.com’ will surely be a game changer for Halal tourism operators going forward.