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Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan celebrates ‘Navruz’

Navruz, the spring new year of the Uzbeks was celebrated on the evening of the March 21, 2017 at the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan New Delhi. It has been celebrated for the last several millenniums. When the length of day and night is 12 hours, the interaction of nature and man achieves perfect harmony: a period of awakening and renewal. Navruz is the beginning of a new year and is a tradition based on the relationship between human and nature. The Embassy was completely and beautifully lit up. The inside décor was giving a tempting hint of the beautiful artwork of the country and looked royal and traditional. There was authentic Uzbek food being served, along with drinks which everyone seemed to love.


There were extremely talented artists from Uzbekistan who gave impressive and mesmerizing performances for the guests and were awarded with a loud applause. Ambassadors and important people of different countries were present with their families. The dinner had Indian and Uzbek cuisine, which won everybody’s heart. It was a grand event, just like the festival, and could not have been celebrated better. All the people present looked beautiful and happy. Travels Mantra was honoured and thankful to the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan to have been made a part of this magnificent event.