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Discover the world ‘On The Go’ with SOTC’s newly launched portal

For the new-age Indian traveller, planning a holiday abroad is like going on a personal adventure – a journey that opens the horizons of their mind and provides exposure to the world. They are looking for novel, experiences that translate into enriching memories. Catering to the excursionists who like to tread the path less taken, leading travel and tourism company SOTC has launched ‘On The Go’, India’s one-of-a-kind travel service for personalised tours.

If you are on your planned holiday but find something that’s piqued your interest, then you can now get more of the same trip with ‘On The Go’. Find the best value for your time, energy and money, by witnessing the most popular tourist destinations in a completely different light. The portal captures the best a region has to offer and curates an unforgettable trip that’s a perfect coming alive of the travellers’ fantasies. So whether you have opted for a pre-planned SOTC tour and want to add more to your itinerary or simply explore the place in never-done-before manner, ‘On The Go’ will set it up for you.

Empowered with a thorough understanding of the new-age traveller’s mindset and expectations, ‘On The Go’ offers customised experiences and activities for every wanderlust. Be it trekking through snow-capped Alps, sailing down The Nile, or learning to cook a traditional Bhutanese meal, GenZ now has the chance to tick off the next thing on their bucket list.

Mr. Daniel Dsouza, Head – Sales, India and NRI Markets, SOTC Travel said, “The new-age traveller is well-read, discerning and wants excitement, convenience and the best deals, all at once, when planning a journey. At SOTC Travel, the motto is providing a service that is flexible and personalised to match the customer’s needs. Being diverse in terms of the choices is what adds more value to the customer experience. On The Go offers the most exclusive customisation in the holiday category, today. Through ‘On The Go’, customers can book their excursions, activities and experiences at their own convenience. They also have access to authentic reviews by other travel connoisseurs that help them make a smart decision.”

Explore specially planned culinary tours, art workshops, sports sojourns, and more with India’s one-of-a-kind experiential travel partner. Whether you desire to take a free-spirited helicopter ride, float into the clouds on a hot-air balloon with your beloved or head out on a honeymoon with a difference, ‘On The Go’ is your perfect itinerary planner. Encounter the exhilaration of flexible travel and the ease of expert planning, with SOTC’s most dynamic travel service, yet.