Home State News Dehradun railway station closed from November 10 to February 7

Dehradun railway station closed from November 10 to February 7

The Indian Railways has recently announced that all trains services will be stopped to and from Dehradun with effect from November 10, 2019. The railway station will be reopened for public on February 7, 2019 after the renovation work to be carried out at the railway station is over.

Reportedly, the travel and tourism industry is disappointed with this move as they are expecting severe drop in tourist arrivals during the upcoming winter season.

As a result of the closure of trains services, a few trains have been cancelled and others like Dehradun-New Delhi Shatbadi Express and Nanda Devi Express will start and terminate at Haridwar railway station. News has it that the local taxi service businesses in Dehradun are expecting decline in profit as most tourists will now hire taxis from Haridwar.

According to the report published in TOI, Sitaram Sonkar, station superintendent at Dehradun railway station, told the press that the actual benefits of the renovation work will be reaped later. Once the renovation work is over, big trains with additional coaches will be able to make a stop at Dehradun due to its extended capacity to accommodate bigger trains. News has it that about 18 trains (to and from) will either halt at Haridwar or return from depart from other stations. Others like Link Express that comes from Prayagraj will halt at Aligarh junction. Likewise, trains coming from Muzaffarpur to Dehradun will terminate at Najibabad.